Wisconsin Cosmetology CE Class Reviews!

Reviews from Wisconsin licensees who have already attended a HairDirections CE Event

HairDirections Cosmetology CE Reviews“This is definitely the most entertaining class about safety and sanitation.”


“Fun music & cheerful way of teaching. Keep up the energy . . . love it.”


“Really creative and fun presentation. Very professionally done.”


“Kristin is a natural presenter. She kept it interesting, lively, fun, and most importantly educational Thank you!”


“I have been a cosmetology manager for 25 years and I still learned a lot from this class”


“You Rock. We also liked the cash bar for drinks.”


“Organized and entertaining. This is the third time I have gone with you guys and it is great each time!”


“Kristin (the Educator) made the class very informative and fun with prizes that gets people to participate. Thanks for going over all of the new laws. The best class I have ever taken.”


“She is engaging and makes the class fun while also informative. So much more information than the CE class that I took at a school last time.”


“Made the whole class enjoyable. Funny and very informative. Great job.”


“LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. Thank You!”


“I attended the CE course in Pewaukee. I will continue to fulfill my requirements thru HairDirections because of the professional way it was addressed and the information was valuable. My compliments to Kristin Allison Education Director for her performance and professionalism, she was very well informed and educational. ”


“The videos and pictures on the screen help immensely. Thank you for not just doing a boring lecture.”


“The educator kept things moving. Energetic and silly, while remaining professional and informative”.


“Thank you for making this fun! I wasn’t looking forward to attending but I am so glad that I did!”


“Excellent presenter and very knowledgeable in all aspects of material presented. Also liked the first hand experiences in the industry that she shared with us.”


“Kristin is entertaining and very informative. Looking forward to next time – she makes it fun.”


“After attending the fiasco in Milwaukee for the last CE course (by a different company) I was very pleasantly surprised with HairDirections CE presentation.”


“Awesome and easy to understand. It was Fun!!”


“All of the visual materials in the class were really helpful.”


“Kristin was very knowledgeable about current changes in the laws. Keep doing exactly what you are doing!”


“Thank you for reminding me of laws that I had forgot about because I have been in the business so long. Kristin was entertaining and very approachable when answering questions.”


“Interesting and she keeps your attention. This was worthwhile”


“She is funny and entertaining. I would recommend this class to others!”


“This was far more interesting than the last CE event I attended! I really enjoyed the information today.”


“I liked the educators humor, she did a great job presenting.”


“The format made learning fun and interesting and the time went fast. Good Job Kristin!!”


“This was practical information including important changes in the law that I had not heard about. It was entertaining too.”


“Presenter gets an A+”


“This was a fun way to stay informed with the humor, music, and visual materials.”


“We learned more realistic safety situations and how to prevent and treat them. Helpful info.”


“Thanks for the creative presentation”


“Kristin you did an awesome job. Very entertaining and creative.”


“It was great and I enjoyed it very much”


“I liked that it was fun and educational at the same time. Learned a lot about laws that were a little unclear. Loved the educator.”


“Very entertaining. Great presenter and educator.”


“Kristin was very good at making these classes interesting and fun. It kept my attention the whole time.”


“You made it informative and funny at the same time. Thank you!”


“Kristin kept it real and exciting. Great personal experiences, and very informative.”


“Good information, Kristin was enthusiastic and interesting!”


“The educator was great. Really made learning FUN!!!”


“Kristin kept it moving. Informative and yet fun.”


“Great coverage of many important topics”


“This was much better than the other company I went with last time!”


“Kristin made it fun and thanks for the great tips and ideas”


“The class was fun and lighthearted even though we had serious topics. I learned a lot.”


“Informative and fun!!! Kristin was wonderful.”


“The Educator had great energy”


“All of the classes were awesome. Very good customer service also.”


“You made it fun and easy to understand”


“She is excellent!”


“Kristin was awesome!! Keep up the great work – Thank You!!”


“It was enthusiastic and entertaining”


“The class was made fun and that made it easier to pay attention and learn”


“I liked that I learned a lot and actually had fun during it”


“All segments were very educational! Loved it!”


“Upbeat, fun, educational”


“This was a really fun way to complete my CE hours. Not boring.”


“Kristin did a very good job. Time went fast and it was informational. She definitely knows her material.”


“The class was precise and to the point. Very upbeat and funny. Kristin was enjoyable to listen to.”


“I liked the humor. Very fun and knowledgeable”


“The educator is funny and that made it a lot easier to pay attention”


“Great selection of time and locations for your events. The game show was very informational and a good way to review!”


“Time went fast. Kristin was fun for not so fun of topics. Great personality.”


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