HairDirections Wisconsin CE Event

May 16, 2016

Appleton, WI

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Event Details

This event is SOLD OUT.
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 Fun Entertaining Education Prizes

Includes all 4 CE hours required
for the March 31, 2017 license renewal



Event Details

Description: A fun, high energy, entertaining event that will allow Wisconsin cosmetologists, manicurists, estheticians, cos managers and electrologists to fulfill all 4 CE hours required for the March, 2017 license renewal.  All NEW material for 2015-2017. Detailed Event information available below.
Express Class: 4 CE credits in 3.5 hours Learn more
Date: Monday May 16, 2016
Time: 9 am – 12:35 pm
Tickets: now available for $55 until the event sells out

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Event Features        

  • Express Class  – complete all 4 CE credits in 3.5 hours Learn more
  • Fun, entertaining education with animated presentations, short video clips, music, colorful imagery, demonstrations, humor, and more
  • Developed by Kristin Allison, one of the most dynamic educators in the business
  • Learn about major changes to the Wisconsin Cosmetology Codebook during the last few years
  • A Wisconsin codebook expert will be available to answer questions
  • Practical information that you can put to use, with all NEW material for 2015–2017. Course descriptions are provided on the bottom of this page.
  • All attendees guaranteed a place to sit
  • No test and no assignments
  • Cash bar (select events only)

What’s Included

  • 4 CE hours that fulfill the March 31, 2017 license renewal requirements for Wisconsin cosmetologists, manicurists, estheticians, cos managers, and electrologists. See a copy of our approval letter
  • A chance to win fabulous prizes during the Game Show and throughout the day!
  • Course notes, and a certificate of completion
  • Free access to online resources after the event
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Schedule and Course Descriptions

8:30 am – 8:55 am: Registration Is Open


9 am – 12:35 pm: HairDirections Wisconsin CE Event

This 4 CE credit Express Class is only 3 1/2 hours long. Learn more

This event includes the following 4 classes:


Inspections, Inspectors & Fines Oh My!

Did you know that salon inspections are being performed throughout Wisconsin? Why do certain salons and licensees get selected for an inspection? What happens during an inspection? What if I get a citation? How much is the fine for different violations? Is there any way I can prepare for an inspection? These questions and many more will be answered during this class. Humorous video clips are infused into the material to lighten the mood, and create a fun, entertaining format.

Wisconsin Laws & Rules Update

There have been major changes to the Wisconsin Cosmetology Codebook during the last few years. We will share many of these changes with you and discuss how they affect practitioners, managers, owners, and establishments. We will also give you a heads up on some really interesting changes to the laws and rules that are currently being considered, and what to expect if they are put in to place. Additional important aspects of the code will also be reviewed, featuring common areas of confusion that we have seen throughout the state during our last tour. The class will wrap up with the extremely popular “Question and Answer Session with a Wisconsin Codebook Expert”.

Cosmetology Kaleidoscope

You asked for it, so we created it! This class covers a variety of topics that we have received numerous requests for. Practical information that you can easily apply to the salon environment will be presented, including:

  • What do clients really think about sanitation in the salon? The HairDirections Lab Experiment captured candid client answers to this question through interviews, group talk-show-style sessions and surveys. Very interesting.
  • The implications of allowing a Wild Child to roam free in the salon can be grave. They can destroy property, get hurt, and ruin the tranquil environment that you have worked so hard to create. This segment provides simple methods to help manage a Wild Child without offending the parents.
  • Most of us will encounter head lice at some point in our career. We will give licensees tools to help identify and properly respond to the presence of head lice, including adhering to the law and what to do with the items and surrounding area that may have been exposed.
  • Cosmetology professionals aren’t used to sitting for long periods of time, and are always asking us for activities that allow them to move around. This segment will address common physical problems many people in our industry face through simple stretching exercises.

The HairDirections Game Show!!!

What is the most fun way to fulfill your CE requirements? Attending a Game Show!!! The HairDirections Game Show is a fun class where everyone gets to play along and compete for fabulous prizes. You will keep track of your own score as we go through a series of humorous, colorful, and informative questions. All new material, including visual questions!

More Information

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  • If you have any questions, give us a call at (608) 235-2622 or click here to send us an email


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The Radisson Paper Valley is located in a prime location on College Ave off Hwy 41 in the heart of downtown Appleton. Over 40 unique bars and restaurants are within walking distance of the hotel, as well as several museums and the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.

Your Education Director

kristinThese courses were developed by Kristin Allison. She is a fun, high energy, and experienced educator who has established herself as one of the most dynamic presenters in the business. Kristin has provided advanced education for over 25,000 people, has owned several successful cosmetology businesses, and is highly regarded as an expert in many areas of the cosmetology industry, including haircolor, salon business methods, and more.  After someone attends one of her classes, we commonly hear things like: “You made if fun!”, “The instructor Rocked! Great Class!”, “We love her!”, “The best educator I have seen”, “The presentation had great energy!”, and “The educator was amazing!!!”.  She has been selected as a Cosmetology Subject Matter Expert by Pearson VUE several times, and is also one of the friendliest people you will meet. Learn more about Kristin and HairDirections

More About This Event

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Learn more about the HairDirections Difference:

  • Who said that safety and sanitation can’t be fun and entertaining? Not us! We have created a unique multi-media format like no other in Wisconsin with humor, prizes, music, great education that you can put to use, and lots of other elements that make it fun.
  • We have heavily invested in the software, equipment, and technical expertise to amp up our events.  Would you believe that we literally have a rocket scientist on staff to help us with all of our technical systems? It’s true! 
  • Your time is valuable, so we created the Express Class which allows you to complete all of your required CE in only 3.5 hours.  Learn more
  • Great classes! Course descriptions can be found to the left.
  • All ticket holders guaranteed a place to sit
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