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Fun, entertaining education that fulfills the current Wisconsin cosmetology requirements

Online Statutes & Rules Class for Out of State Licensees (Endorsement / Reciprocity requirement)

If you need the one-hour laws and rules class to transfer your license from a different state to Wisconsin, you are in the right place.


  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: you MUST finish your class before 11:59 pm eastern time December 31, 2021. Per the registration rules, you will be permanently ejected from the class without credit if you do not finish by this deadline.  Thank you!

  • This online class fulfills the one hour Endorsement / Reciprocity education requirement to transfer your license to the state of Wisconsin.  It’s a fantastic class that we call “COS 411 Practical Information on Wisconsin Cosmetology Laws & Rules”.  This class is approved for all of the cosmetology professions, including cosmetologists, manicurists, aestheticians, and electrologists.

  • Complete the entire 1 hour class online using a phone, tablet, or computer – click here to get started

  • Immediately download or print your certificate after you finish

  • No test – all you have to do is review the material

  • Available 24/7 – start anytime, and complete at your own pace

  • We will immediately email a copy of your certificate to the state of Wisconsin after you finish the class

  • Total cost: only $24.99 (no monthly fees or hidden fees whatsoever)

  • You can find answers to FAQ’s, detailed information about our online training system, and learn more about this class by clicking here. 


Online CE Class for the 2017 License Renewal

If you still need your 4 CE hours for the March 31, 2017 renewal, click here for a great online class. 


NEW Classes to Enhance Your Skills and Increase Your Paycheck

Exciting News: you can now access a huge catalog of amazing new online video classes!!!  These classes are not required for Wisconsin license renewal, however, they are a great way to expand your skills, enhance your art, and increase your paycheck. We have been told firsthand how these online classes have changed peoples lives by improving their technical skills, increasing their business, and helping them solve the most common problems found in salons.  The classes are listed on our Illinois page, but you do not have to be licensed in Illinois to register.  You can learn more and register by clicking here.


We have a suite of salon business classes starting at only $25. These business classes are what the industry has been waiting for.  Simple, effective, and common sense techniques to advance your career. The material taught in these business classes can be used on an individual level by service providers and booth renters, or put into motion salon-wide by managers and owners.  Who knew learning could be so much fun?  The classes are listed on our Illinois page, but you do not have to be licensed in Illinois to register. You can learn more and register by clicking here.


We also offer skills classes including haircolor, foiling, nail art, razor cutting, and more. One of the most popular classes is called Color Geek: explore your haircolor genius. Combine the art & science of advanced haircolor methods to expand your color skills, enhance your color art, and increase your color business.  This color class is only $20!  The classes are listed on our Illinois page, but you do not have to be licensed in Illinois to register.  You can learn more and register by clicking here.


CE Class for the 2019 License Renewal and Laws Update

If you are licensed in WI we recommend that you take a moment to read this entire notice. Wisconsin does NOT require CE for the 2019 cosmetology license renewal. This is because Wisconsin eliminated the requirement that licensees have to take a CE class for each renewal. We want to thank you for your business, enthusiasm, and kind words over the last several years.  We truly enjoyed teaching classes for you!


Don’t be confused by the one hour statutes and rules endorsement class requirement. Wisconsin now requires people who are licensed in a different state to take a 1 hour class before they can transfer their license to Wisconsin. HairDirections does offer this one hour class (see the very top of this page).  If you know anyone that needs it, please send them to this page or have them contact us. You do not have to take this 1 hour statutes and rules endorsement class if you are already licensed in Wisconsin.


As you may have heard, there have been other extraordinary changes to the Wisconsin Cosmetology laws. We recommend that you take the time to fully research and understand the changes that have been made, as they significantly affect all licensees. We used to provide free consulting to our Wisconsin CE customers to help them understand and implement changes to the laws, as well as address changes in their personal circumstances as they relate to the laws. Please understand that without the CE requirement in place, it’s impossible for us to continue providing these free consulting services to a base of over 50,000 licensees. For this reason, all questions regarding the current laws and renewing your license must be directed to DSPS. Thank you for your understanding. Here are several resources to help you:


DSPS web site: https://dsps.wi.gov/pages/Home.aspx

DSPS phone number: 608-266-2112

Wisconsin Cosmetology laws and rules: Laws and Rules


According to the new laws, all licensees will have to review what they are calling a “digest that describes changes to statutes and rules that affect the practice of cosmetology, aesthetics, manicuring, or electrology” before you renew your license.  The law requires that the state make this Digest available on the state’s web site. We do not know when the Digest will be available, or where it will be on the state’s web site. Please direct any questions about the Digest to DSPS because HairDirections does not have any additional information on this.  Here is a link to DSPS: https://dsps.wi.gov/pages/Home.aspx and the DSPS phone number is 608-266-2112.

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New Wisconsin CE Requirements

Wisconsin cosmetologists, cosmetology managers, manicurists, aestheticians, and electrologists with an active license must complete 4 approved CE hours between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2017.  A class that was completed before April 1, 2015 for the last renewal will NOT count towards the March 2017 renewal (you have to take another class).  You can learn more about the new requirements by clicking here.


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*A licensee is not required to complete CE between initial licensure and their very first license renewal