Illinois 7 Hour Online Cosmetology CE: HairDirections Hit List, Color Geekier & More Package

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NEW – Includes the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training that you have to take for the 2021 renewal at no additional cost.  


Name: HairDirections Hit List, Color Geekier & More PackageCE logo no button

License Types: Illinois Cosmetologists

CE Hours: 7 hours

Price: 49 – includes a series of professional online videos that you can watch at your own pace, course notes, and a certificate of completion

Description: this Illinois CE package includes the following classes:

  • HairDirections Hit List: success in the salon and beyond (3 CE Hours)
  • Color Geekier: explore your haircolor genius (3 CE Hours)
  • Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (1 CE Hour)
  • Detailed course descriptions are provided below

Format:  you get to watch a series of professional online videos that include a combination of presentations and demonstrations.

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HairDirections Hit List: success in the salon and beyond

Do you want to make more money in less time? Reduce work stress? Grow your clientele? Optimize your salon schedule and environment?  The HairDirections Hit List was created to help you achieve greater success in the salon and beyond.  We will show you simple, easy to implement techniques that can have a dramatic impact on the success of your career.  You will walk away with an organized plan that you can immediately start using called the HairDirections Hit List.


The material taught in this class can be used on an individual level by service providers and booth renters, or put into motion salon-wide by managers and owners.  It’s presented using real world examples, demonstrations, colorful imagery, short video clips, a touch of humor, and much more to keep you engaged, entertained, and on track.  The HairDirections Hit List was designed to help you:


  • Reignite your motivation and enthusiasm

  • Analyze your salon environment

  • Operate more efficiently so you can work smarter, not harder

  • Grow your clientele and bring home a bigger paycheck

  • Discover what is working for you, and equally important, what isn’t

  • Understand what clients are REALLY thinking, including what they would pay more for and language that they respond to – featuring candid video footage of clients giving us the dish

  • See eye-opening data that you cannot afford to ignore

  • Minimize energy leaches, and focus on what you’re passionate about

  • Utilize a fresh approach to service and retail sales that is natural and comfortable for both you and your client

  • Make your money work for you by using simple techniques that they would never tell you about in beauty school

  • Organize your Hit List to compliment your personality, and infuse it in to your life


This class dives into several important topics such as Know Your Numbers, Rebook Rate, Retail to Service Ratio, Price Increases, Average Hourly Intake, Average Ticket, Financial Fabulousness, and Customizing your Hit List to work for you. While you may already be familiar with some of these topics, we will investigate and apply them in new and interesting ways to create and elevate your Hit List.
Continuing Education Hours: 3


Color Geekier: explore your haircolor genius

Color Geek is one of our most popular classes.  People liked it so much, that we decided to go Geekier!  Color Geekier combines the art & science of advanced haircolor methods to expand your color skills, enhance your color art, and increase your color business.  This new class has been expanded to a full 3 CE hours so we can really get into the Geekier side of haircolor, including more examples, in-depth descriptions and explanations, and answers to some of the most frequently asked color questions that stylists have.


  • Developed and presented by haircolor expert Kristin Allison

  • This course is NOT brand specific. All stylists will benefit regardless of the haircolor line they use

  • Learn techniques to increase the performance of your haircolor line

  • Create haircolor formulations that achieve fabulous results on unruly hair

  • Utilize techniques to avoid common haircolor problems, and methods to fix them if they occur

  • Apply art and science to conquer even the most complicated haircolor challenges


Color Geekier’s popularity has mirrored that of the original Color Geek class. People seem to love it and are shocked at the amount of useful information that can be packed into 3 hours. Learning new techniques is fun, but if you don’t get accurate and predictable color, know how to fix color problems, if the color fades or damages the clients hair, then what good is knowing the latest trend?  If you truly want to become a color expert you must understand and master the material taught in this class.  Topics that will be covered include: Color Geekier Facts, Hair Color Foundations, Developers, Haircolor Challenges, Brassiness, Fading, Hot Roots, Grey Coverage, Color Balancing, Brown-Outs, Fillers, High-lift Blondes, Color Formulation and more.  Are you ready to go Geekier!


Burnout Buster: people in our industry aren’t used to sitting for very long periods of time, and they are always asking us for activities that allow them to stand up and move around. You asked for it, so we included it! A small section of this class will address common physical problems many people in our industry face through simple stretching exercises.
Continuing Education Hours: 3


Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

The following topics are covered in the HairDirections’ interactive online Sexual Harassment Prevention CE Class:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training FAQs – learn more about this new CE requirement for 2021 and how it affects you

  • What is sexual harassment, including examples of conduct that may constitute unlawful sexual harassment

  • What can be done if an individual experiences or witnesses unwelcome sexual contact

  • Reporting sexual harassment within one’s place of employment and to outside entities, such as the Illinois Department of Human Rights

  • Employer Responsibilities in the prevention, investigation, and corrective measures of sexual harassment

  • Whistleblower protections

Continuing Education Hours: 1

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