Illinois 7 Hour Online Cosmetology CE: Foil Freak, SciSSorLeSS, Salon 911 & More Package

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NEW – Includes the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training that you have to take for the 2021 renewal at no additional cost.  


Name: Foil Freak, SciSSorLeSS, Salon 911 & More Package  CE logo no button

License Types: Illinois Cosmetologists

CE Hours: 7 hours

Price: 49 – includes a series of professional online videos that you can watch at your own pace, course notes, and a certificate of completion

Description: this Illinois CE package includes the following classes:

  • Foil Freak: highlighting techniques
  • SciSSorLeSS: Razor tips tricks and techniques
  • Space Invaders: how to conquer 5 common salon problems that crowd your mental space
  • HairDirections Lab Experiment: the dish on what clients are really thinking
  • Salon 911: how to stay cool when things get hot
  • Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  • Detailed course descriptions are provided below

Format:  you get to watch a series of professional online videos that include a combination of presentations and demonstrations.

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Foil Freak: highlighting techniques

Continuing education hours: 1

Foil Freak highlighting techniques was created to help you save time, increase your paycheck, maintain the integrity of the clients hair, and achieve fabulous haircolor results.  It’s time to get in touch with your inner Foil Freak! Topics include:  

  • Speeding up the foiling process
  • Eliminating common foil problems
  • Color & Foil Simultaneously!!!
  • Expert Foil Position & Placement
  • Quick and easy foiling techniques, including: Pinwheel, Triangle, 7 Foil Stagger, Headband, Gradient, and Panel
  • How and when to use different techniques, featuring video demonstrations of the techniques in action
  • This course is NOT brand specific. All stylists will benefit regardless of the haircolor line they use.
  • Course developed and presented by haircolor expert Kristin Allison

SciSSorLeSS: Razor tips, tricks, and techniques 

Continuing education hours: 1

SciSSorLeSS dives into the ultimate world of razor haircutting tips, tricks, and techniques. Razors offer amazing speed, versatility, and control that you just can’t achieve with a scissors. That’s why we go SciSSorLeSS whenever possible. If you’re a razor virgin, don’t be afraid, we’ll get you SciSSorLeSS in no time. If you already wield your razor like a kung-foo master, we want to give you a few tricks to add to your arsenal. Topics include:

  • Dispelling the myths: the truth about Razors and why we love them
  • Making your mark: performing a service that clients will remember
  • Razor tips and tricks
  • Razor techniques, including: Blocking, Beveling, Chipping, Carving, Thinning, and Texturizing
  • How and when to use different techniques, featuring video demonstrations of the techniques in action
  • Applying the razor to different areas of the head
  • See it all put together in a start to finish razor haircut demo

Burnout Buster: people in our industry aren’t used to sitting for very long periods of time, and they are always asking us for activities that allow them to stand up and move around. You asked for it, so we included it! A small section of this class will address common physical problems many people in our industry face through simple stretching exercises.

Space Invaders: how to conquer 5 common salon problems that crowd your mental space

Continuing education hours: 2

Space Invaders will help you eliminate common salon problems, reduce work stress, and focus more of your time and energy on what is really important. When we talk to industry professionals about the most challenging aspects of their career we find reoccurring topics that crowd our mental space. This class was designed to help you blow away these 5 common salon problems. Topics include:

  • Making price increases comfortable for both you and your clients
  • Easily reducing the number of Late or No Show Clients
  • Managing a Wild Child without offending the parents
  • Working with Problematic Co-Workers
  • Putting your paycheck to work for you, including planning for retirement, insurance, and taxes
  • Learn simple, effective techniques that you can immediately start using
  • Discover language and key phrases that people respond to
  • See eye-opening data that you cannot afford to ignore

HairDirections Lab Experiment: the dish on what clients are really thinking

Continuing education hours: 1

Wouldn’t it be great to know what your clients are REALLY thinking?  Why they started coming to the salon, or why they left?  What they would happily pay more for?  What they wish their service provider knew but won’t tell them?  The HairDirections Lab Experiment captured candid client answers to these questions and much more through interviews, group talk-show-style sessions, and surveys.  Even our industry veterans were surprised to learn the truth. This class gives us valuable insight from a client perspective that we can use in our daily salon and spa life. The HairDirections Lab Experiment includes candid video footage of clients giving us the dish on what they really think, along with analysis and breakdowns of the results.

Salon 911: how to stay cool when things get hot 

Continuing education hours: 1

Salon 911 tackles topics that are critically important, yet generally ignored in the cosmetology industry. Our careers put us at an elevated risk for being exposed to a variety of hot scenarios. This class provides useful information for real situations that we may encounter in the salon addressing personal safety, emergencies, and fire safety.  Short interviews with experts, including a Crime Prevention Officer, Nurses, and a Deputy Fire Chief will be presented along with “what would you do scenarios”, and real world examples.  Practical advice will be provided to help avoid a hot situation when possible, or stay cool if one occurs.

Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Continuing education hours: 1

The following topics are covered in the HairDirections’ interactive online Sexual Harassment Prevention CE Class:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training FAQs – learn more about this new CE requirement for 2021 and how it affects you
  • What is sexual harassment, including examples of conduct that may constitute unlawful sexual harassment
  • What can be done if an individual experiences or witnesses unwelcome sexual contact
  • Reporting sexual harassment within one’s place of employment and to outside entities, such as the Illinois Department of Human Rights
  • Employer Responsibilities in the prevention, investigation, and corrective measures of sexual harassment
  • Whistleblower protections

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